Artisan ice cream in Bilbao

Discover Bilbao’s artisan ice cream parlours

Have you tried the best artisan ice cream in Bilbao? Which one do you prefer? Today we are going on a route in search of the city’s best artisan ice cream parlours.

Helados Capra: 40 years and going strong

Helados Capra is a family firm that was set up in a little shop in the Casco Viejo in the shadow of the Cathedral, more than 40 years ago. They make their ice creams by hand with the best ingredients and traditional recipes, and they serve you a creamy, high quality ice cream that has become a benchmark in the town. Their success is due in part to the traditional formulas they use, but also to their stringent choice of raw materials and state-of-the-art equipment that allows them to make the final product even better. But there’s no two ways about it: the foundation of their quality is provided by a great team whose expertise, commitment and hard work have made Helados Capra a leading and constantly improving company.

With more than 20 sales outlets all over Vizcaya and its neighbouring provinces, Capra’s ice cream is served up as a dessert in the most select restaurants in the Basque Country. If you haven’t tried them yet, what are you waiting for?! You’ll agree that we’re talking about much more than a simple ice cream.

Helados Capra: 40 years and going strong
Artisan ice cream in Bilbao 1

Adelia Ivánez: tradition and evolution

Have you tried Adelia Iváñez’s traditional nougat ice cream?

The story of Bilbao’s most famous nougat, or turrón to give it its Spanish name, goes all the way back to a heavily laden cart that made its way from Jijona to Bilbao at Christmas in 1850. Such was its success that today, more than 150 years later, the fifth generation of the Iváñez family is still selling this delicious product at number 12 Calle Correo. Where they’ve always been, and with the same quality as in days gone by. Although they’re known for their nougat, marzipan and chocolates, their artisan ice cream has been making such a name for itself that you’ll just have to try one! Tradition and evolution united by sweetness.

4007 turroneria heladeria adelia ivanez 01
Correo, 12.

Turronería Iváñez: nougat ice cream

Just round the corner, let’s stop at a lovely little spot where you can breathe in tranquillity, history, nougat, ice cream… Turronería Iváñez.

Eladio and his sister Celina are the 4th generation of a dynasty of nougat makers from Jijona who are known by one and all in Bilbao. Every year, just as their ancestors have done since 1855, they make the journey from Jijona to Bilbao to sell their freshly made nougat. But in the summer months, they turn this delicacy into ice cream, and although they offer a wide range of different types of homemade ice cream, the star of the show just has to be their nougat ice cream.

Heladeria Ivañez
Correo, 23.

Gelati Gelati: Casco Viejo and Central Bilbao

From Verona, the city of love, to the capital of the world. Choosing a flavour is the hardest part. There are so many different flavours, and they all look so delicious! What’ll it be? A traditional one you’ve had time and time again or one of their crazier and more original concoctionsGelati Gelati specialises in making people happy. No matter what the time of year, who can say no? These ice-cream wizards from Italy bring so much joy to the Casco Viejo and the Centre of Bilbao.

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