Thematic routes

Discover Bilbao following our thematic routes.


Fashion for every man!

We’d like to introduce you to ten very special shops for men, authentic points of reference for style that you really should know and visit.

In search of fried squid in Bilbao

It’s definitely not a pintxo, but if it’s Sunday then you have to try some rabas (fried squid) as an appetiser. The most popular appetiser in Bilbao

Bilbao’s legendary pintxos

People in Bilbao enjoy their pintxos as they practice the art of ‘poteo’ which can be roughly translated as a pub crawl.

Shopping in Bilbao: Shops with character

Would you like to discover four of Bilbao’s most interesting shops?

Bilbao’s route of the 5 senses

Shopping in bilbaoDendak’s stores, with a wide range of flavours, aromas, sights and sensations

A tour of Bilbao’s 10 museums

A brief overview of the capital of Vizcaya’s 10 museums. A tour of Bilbao's ten museums

Bilbao has a culinary passport: 9 restaurants

bilbaoDendak vous invite à le suivre dans un itinéraire gastronomique à la découverte des cuisines et des saveurs du monde.

Croquetas caseras y deliciosas en Bilbao

Las hay de jamón, de bacalao, de txipiron… y es que croquetas ricas en Bilbao hay muchas pero… ¿sabes dónde?

A handicrafts route through Bilbao La Vieja

Bilbao La Vieja is a neighbourhood with a personality all of its own and a growing number of handicraft shops

A healthy life

That's something our shopkeepers are well aware of, and that’s why they help us find the best products and just what we need when we need it.