About us

What is bilbaoDendak?

bilbaoDendak is a platform that brings together Bilbao’s 13 district trade associations, the La Ribera Market, the Zubiarte and the El Corte Inglés shopping centres, the Chamber of Commerce and Bilbao City Council under a common banner: the promotion of the city’s commercial and tourist activity. The platform also benefits from the collaboration of the Basque Government.

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Mission and Strategic Objectives


“To contribute to the development of a commercial sector that is both competitive and innovative, that generates employment, helps to position Bilbao as an eminently commercial city, and strives to maintain a comprehensive, balanced offer in all the districts of the city”.


  1. To strengthenBilbao’s position as the benchmark commercial city in our region
  2. To stimulatethe development of a competitive, balanced, specialised and comprehensive commercial offer
  3. To enhanceour sector’s competitiveness and innovation by helping companies to successfully embrace change (technology, new business models, etc.)
  4. To bolsterBilbao’s commercial areas by implementing cooperation strategies and raising awareness of their differentiated proposals

Organisational Structure

The following institutions, companies and business associations participate in bilbaoDendak.

Bilbao: Más y Mejores

bilbaoDendak integra una amplia representación de instituciones públicas y a todas las Asociaciones de Comerciantes de Bilbao, agrupando entre todas ellas a cerca de 2.000 comercios.