A handicrafts route through Bilbao La Vieja

A handicrafts route through one of Bilbao’s most alternative neighbourhoods

Bilbao La Vieja is a neighbourhood with a personality all of its own and a growing number of handicraft shops offering specialisation, care, creativity and dedication in work that more often than not starts from scratch.

Let’s visit a few of them today, in this new handicrafts route through Bilbao La Vieja.

Taller- Tienda de Joyería Contemporánea

Ganboa Jewellery (Aretxaga, 5)

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a unique piece of jewellery to match your personality? If that sounds like a good idea, then Maitena Ganboa has just what you’re looking for. Maitena is the designer at Ganboa Jewellery, and she’ll be happy to open the doors of her workshop to you, which is where she shapes her original pieces inspired by elements of nature.

Maitena, an artisan and an artist, creates her pieces with care and dedication in her own workshop, a really hospitable place where you can find unique little sculptures that are both different and full of personality.

Xaboi punpuila jabones naturales

Xaboi Punpuila (Dos de Mayo, 25)

Somebody else who’s bursting with imagination is Agurtzane Tejada at Xaboi Punpuilaque. For the past fifteen years she’s been making natural soaps that take care of our skin thanks to such ingredients as carbon, eucalyptus or mint.

Natural homemade soaps, 100×100 natural and exclusive. You can buy Agurtzane’s soaps online and you’ll also find them in shops in the neighbourhood such as Kér Fatou. Exclusivity, originality and design.

Revoluciona taller de cuero

R-evoluciona, leather workshop (Plaza Santos Juanes, 2)

R-evoluciona, leather workshop, is where Fernando Cabo and Ainhoa Fustel create (and show other people how to create) leather garments and accessories that are well able to add a touch of class to our wardrobe.

It’s actually quite a bit more than just a shop cum workshop, it’s a place where you can share knowledge, feel at home and learn.

They also sell bags, belts, suitcases, leather handicrafts – shall we drop by?

Ker Fatou (Hernani 20)

One place we can’t leave out of this special route is Ker Fatou. Let’s go and see if Fatou is at home. A little piece of Africa in Bilbao.

When Fatou opened Kér Fatou a year ago in Bilbao La Vieja, all of a sudden the people of Bilbao were introduced to the colourful and vibrant culture of Senegal.

With her own designs and boundless creativity, Fatou has become the best possible ambassador for Senegalese culture in Bilbao. Fashion, accessories, fabrics… Exclusive, handmade products.

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