Bilbao’s route of the 5 senses

Shopping in bilbaoDendak’s stores, with a wide range of flavours, aromas, sights and sensations

In this new Bilbao, which is investing in the leisure and services model, such a well-nigh everyday activity as going shopping can become a veritable experience for the senses.

Establishments with a varied, original and, in many cases, unique commercial offer; traditional shops or shops that specialise in the latest trends; offering a range of products in the fields of gastronomy, fashion or culture… A whole small universe, to put it briefly, grouped together under the bilbaoDendak umbrella.

To give our eyes a treat, what could be better than a stroll around a selection of shops specialising in fashion. On this occasions, we can recommend as many as five that are sure to surprise you. Bilbao’s route of the 5 senses.

Fashion and Accessories

route of the 5 sense

The Indautxu district is where we’ll find Ambali, the dream come true of three sisters with a wealth of experience in the world of textiles. They’ve now opened their own establishment which combines multi-brand fashion for women with personalised advice for their customers, focusing on quality fabrics and impeccable attention when it comes to choosing an outfit.

Ambali. C/ García Rivero, 6.

3.Galeria 8360

Other establishments have chosen to venture beyond the traditional concept of a fashion shop to present an alternative offer. Galería 8360 is that and much more besides: their philosophy has led them to open a versatile space in which to showcase different ways of creating art, ranging from fashion, design and decoration to the plastic arts. They also put on regular concerts, book presentations and other events.

Galería 8360. C/ Fernández del Campo, 23 bajo.

4.serie b

Serie B is also mush more than just a fashion shop. Alongside their wide range of men’s, women’s and children’s fashion (which includes footwear and accessories), they also host concerts and exhibitions. It’s no wonder they define themselves as an establishment that is constantly reinventing itself. Their maxim is: “we sell clothes, we put on concerts, and we organise exhibitions because it’s fun!”.

Serie B. C/ Lotería, 2.

Gourmet Food

After enjoying all that fashion, or an exhibition, or some live music, this may be a good time to indulge your taste buds. Now that’s something for which Bilbao is known the world over!

5. Basquery

A good place to start would be the Basquery, a cosmopolitan and refreshingly original gastronomic concept, inspired by traditional grocery stores. You can buy all manner of unusual and local products here (cheese, oil, pasta, wine, seasonal vegetables…), but there’s also a bakery and a craft beer brewery, as well as a bar and a restaurant.

Basquery. C/ ibáñez de Bilbao, 8.

7. Lopez Oleaga

Not all that far away, near to the Plaza del Ensanche in fact, three genuine gourmet food classics await us. López Oleaga is celebrating the 120th anniversary of its opening this year, with the fourth generation of the family at the helm of a business that has always specialised in top-of-the-range products, with an unrivalled selection of wines and spirits.

Delicatessen López Oleaga. C/ Astarloa, 3.

Charcutería la Moderna de Hermann Thate, especializada en productos alemanes

Another establishment that has been in Bilbao “since time began” used to be just across the street from López Oleaga, but they recently moved just a block away. The La Moderna-Hermann Thate charcuterie has served the good people of Bilbao for more than 80 years, that’s no less than three generations dedicated to the artisan production of sausages and other typically German cold meats.

Charcutería La Moderna – hermann thate. C/ Colón de Larreategui, 25 y Alameda Urquijo 42.

10. La OKA

Another establishment that is also in the Ensanche district is La Oka where they also have a number of different areas (a gourmet grocery, a butcher’s shop, a gastro bar) in which you can shop for or taste a really varied range of fresh and in several cases, homemade products.

La Oka. C/ Colón de Larreategui, 33.

Specialised grocery stores

7191 ultramarinos gregorio martin 01

To continue indulging our palate, we can nip down to the Casco Viejo to visit another establishment that is steeped in history. Ultramarinos Gregorio Martín was founded in 1931 and still preserves all the charm of the traditional old grocery stores, most of which have now sadly disappeared. There’s a sign outside the shop in the shape of a codfish which has become a popular icon in what is known as ‘the Bilbao of the Seven Streets’. It leaves nobody in any doubt as to what it’s famous for.

Ultramarinos Gregorio Martín. C/ Artekale, 22.

Tuinkis, tienda con los 5 sentidos

On the very same street stands Tuinkis, which trades in precisely the opposite of traditional food products: here they focus on American food – it is in fact the only shop in Bilbao that specialises exclusively in products from the US. They offer as many as 400 different items, including cereals, biscuits (cookies!) or sauces that have become famous the world over thanks to all those American films and series. Bilbao’s route of the 5 senses

Tuinkis. C/ Artekale, 54.

3816 ultramarinos romana 01

Crossing over to the other side of the estuary, Bilbao La Vieja has two other landmark establishments to offer. Ultramarinos Romaña is one of those rare examples of a small establishment with more than 100 years of history behind it. Here they are known for the quality and variety of their bulk pulses, their canned vegetables and fish, their varied charcuterie and their excellent selection of wines and spirits. 

Ultramarinos Romaña. C/ San Francisco, 24.

14.Vinos y Licores Ruiz

Vinos y Licores Ruiz dates back to 1943 no less. Here they are really proud of the fact that they carry more than one thousand different products – no other shop in Vizcaya offers such a wide variety. That’s just one of their hallmarks however, they are also renowned for their in-depth product knowledge, their personalised service and their efforts to satisfy their customers’ every demand.

Vinos y Licores Ruiz. C/ Hernani, 8.

Personalised shopping experience

15. Erlai

And if it’s true that we need a good sense of smell to properly appreciate a fine wine, we can use this same sense of smell to branch out in another direction, back to the centre of the town to visit Erlai, a traditional perfumery with signature products, exclusive fragrances and cosmetics. This is another shop with a well-established tradition in the city – they have been in business for more than four decades, offering personalised service and the latest aromas. Bilbao’s route of the 5 senses

Erlai. C/ Rodríguez Arias, 29.

16. Joker

To bring this sensory route through the shops of the capital of Vizcaya to a close, what could be better than another invitation not only to see, but also to touch what is on offer at a highly original and specialised establishment devoted body and soul to leisure and culture. Librería Joker is undoubtedly a Mecca for any self-respecting comic fan in Bilbao. The universe of what has come to be considered the Ninth Art awaits! All genres are catered for, from classic cartoon characters to the latest graphic novels.

Librería Joker. C/ Euskalduna, 7.

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