Shopping in La Ribera Market

Intent on reinventing itself, the Mercado de la Ribera has just launched a new website where you can make your purchases online

The website allows you to buy both by product and by stall and have your purchases delivered directly to your home.

From the market to your kitchen

The Mercado de La Ribera has steadfastly maintained its essence throughout its lengthy history, which now spans several centuries.

Its principal strength lies in the traditional quality, variety and freshness of the produce on offer. If you like cooking with food loaded with flavour and tradition, then this is where you will find all the ingredients from our rural and coastal environment that make up the traditional Basque cook book: vegetables from Vizcaya’s kitchen gardens, fish fresh from our ports, meat lovingly reared by our livestock farmers… Supreme quality!

We also offer homemade bread, fruit that tastes the way fruit is meant to taste, mushrooms, pickles, preserves… the offer is endless!

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