We travel to Japan without leaving Bilbao

From Bilbao to Japan

A gift shop called Los Jardines de Kyoto and a home delivery service known as Sushi Ippai Kanpai: two unique businesses with a passion for Japanese culture.

Japan is a classic destination on every traveller’s bucket list. Anyone who ventures there cannot help but be drawn  to its ancient culture, so different from our own. This is what happened some time ago to Ander Echeandia, on the one hand, and Lara Trifols and Michel Jeanlis, on the other. The three of them were so enamoured of Japan that when they started thinking about setting up on their own, they did not hesitate to orient their respective businesses towards the Land of the Rising Sun. 

Thanks to them, Bilbao now has Los Jardines de Kyoto and Sushi Ippai Kanpai, two little gems where we can enjoy all the magic of the Far East without having to leave home. Why don’t you surprise your friends with an original Japanese evening?  

Special products all the way from Japan to Bilbao


Let’s start with Ander Echeandia. He began importing Japanese decorative  products some years ago, so who better to adorn our homes with small details or advise us on some really original gifts – perhaps a ceramic item or a Kokeshi doll, or a purse or a toilet bag filled with cherry blossoms. And if we want to recreate an authentic Japanese evening, he can even provide us with some great clothing: kimonos or vintage haoris and, depending on the time of year we visit his establishment, even fans and very special accessories. As far as the actual dinner is concerned, he can show us some lovely platters in which to serve steaming bowls of ramen, delicious teas or full-bodied sakes, which we can prepare and serve with the utmost care in the complete sets of tableware he imports from Japan.

IMG 0735 ok min
Los jardines de Kyoto

By the way, he will soon be returning to Japan to replenish the shelves of his ‘gardens’ with all sorts of new products.   

Sustainability and solidarity

Sushi Ippai Kanpai en Deusto

Let’s not forget the chopsticks and their respective ceramic rests – we’ll be needing them once we’ve called Sushi Ippai Kanpai to order a menu that’s a little bit different from what we’ve come to expect. Michel Jeanlis had been preparing Japanese food for more than 18 years when his wife and partner Lara Trifols became unemployed, so they didn’t think twice about opening their own business in which they could combine that knowledge with their Caribbean, Latin and European roots. Together they now offer a truly original menu that combines totally unexpected textures and flavours and includes options for coeliacs and vegans.

But there’s more! Clients can also customise some of the dishes by adding or removing certain ingredients to suit their tastes.

Committed as it is to the principles of solidarity and sustainability, this home-delivery restaurant does its bit to make the world a better place by buying fresh ingredients from the neighbourhood or the surrounding area. Each month, they also donate part of their profits to a local NGO chosen by their customers.

Our recommendation

MENÚ: Sushi Ippai Kanpai, Avenida Madariaga 14. ippai-kanpai.com

  • Wakame seaweed salad and assorted gyozas stuffed with chicken, vegetables, prawns or duck.  
  • Tuna tartare with Sushi Ippai Kanpai’s secret touch 
  • Chef’s selection of uramakis, inspired by the Basque Country (baby squid in its own ink), Peru (ceviche), Italy (rocket, sun-dried tomato and mozzarella di bufala) or France (Brie cheese and caramelised onion). 
  • Txangurro (crab) gunkan  
  • A selection of nigiris  
  • Miso soup  
  • Mochis 

TABLEWARE: Los Jardines de Kyoto, General Concha 1. https://www.instagram.com/losjardinesdekyoto/

Plates, sauce boats, salad bowls, dishes and bowls from the Blue Sakura, Japonism or Green Soshun collections. 

IMG 4010 ok min
Ippai Kanpai

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