Sustainable shops in Bilbao

Local commerce is sustainable commerce

Our shops support a local, proximity economy that is fairer for all concerned and based on sustainability

Whenever we talk about sustainable products we invariably bandy about a lot of eco-labels, but there are plenty of other ways to help the environment. Local products, for example, have less impact than products brought in from afar. Buying local products cuts down on travel and minimises polluting emissions.

Here at bilbaoDendak we are going to introduce you to some shops in Bilbao that are committed in different ways to sustainability and the environment.


Have you been to SKFK? Comfort and good taste go hand in hand at this brand, a veritable trailblazer in sustainable fashion. This brand has been officially recognised as the first Fairtrade® certified fashion company in Spain, no doubt due to their unique and exclusive prints that evoke nature, culture and art and the quality of their natural fabrics whose low-impact organic fibres are gentle on the skin and kind to the environment.

Organic cotton: free of toxins. Ecological fibres embody their commitment while organic cotton is much better for the environment and people than common or garden cotton. This brand has embarked on quite a few initiatives including, in 2019, the launch of the Berrizan Foundation which was set up to preserve and replant our native forests in the Basque Country. In their offices here in the Basque Country, all their designs start from scratch and are filled with love and dedication.


Award for the Best Signature Perfumery in Spain. All your five senses are in for a treat in this space that is bursting with beauty, flowers, signature perfumes, natural cosmetics, handmade jewellery, home fragrances, design, art… Ruiz de Ocenda.

Unique, handmade accessories, designed with the heart and created slowly and lovingly. This is a place where you can relax and revel in the beauty of flowers, exquisite perfumes and selected treasures from the world’s designers and artisans

FdB Ruiz de Ocenda
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Sustainable shops in Bilbao 6


Bilbao is home to one of the best-stocked electric bike shops in southern Europe – they have more than 200 different models in their brick and mortar shop alone. 

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Motor Verde was launched in the spring of 2012, spurred on by those early experiences with electric bikes, and by a growing awareness of the need to offer environmentally friendly, efficient, economical and sustainable mobility. The team, with Ana in the driving seat, has its own in-store workshop and offers a specialised after-sales service.

They also install a conversion kit that turns conventional bikes into electric bikes, and they provide a rental service in case you prefer to try them out before taking the plunge or if you just want to enjoy one of these bikes for a day or a weekend.


Carla is behind this vivacious footwear that’s just bursting with personality. Created especially for urban cyclists, her shoes include such essential features as reflective material to provide greater safety for cyclists at night.

Set up in June 2019, Libertad Avenue has just opened a physical store in Bilbao La Vieja so their customers have somewhere close by where they can try her shoes on.

In Libertad Avenue they’re always looking for ways to make every part of the manufacturing process as environmentally friendly as possible, from their choice of materials to the people they work with, and a fair price for their work. Carla is quite clear about what her values and what the brand’s values are. 

The firm is strongly committed to handmade products that last for years and years and can be repaired or altered as often as you like. That’s one of the advantages of working with your hands in a workshop where you can make things in a calm and relaxed way.

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