This spring’s fashion trends

Spring has sprung, the mercury’s rising and all of a sudden, the shop windows are full of colour and light fabrics. 

Which is why we’re thrilled to invite you on a short tour of four of Bilbao’s benchmark fashion emporiums to discover this season’s trends for men and women.

Because let’s face it, when spring arrives, everyone needs to refresh their wardrobe or pick up something new to face the season with style and a well-groomed, personal and contemporary image. To give you an idea of what we’ll be seeing on the streets this spring, we spoke to four shops that are veritable style benchmarks, two of which specialise in men’s fashion and two in women’s fashion. They were kind enough to give us a few ideas and let us in on the latest trends.

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Kocco (Calle Licenciado Poza, 8): menswear with a Scandinavian touch

Josu Bearan fell in love with Scandinavian fashion some 25 years ago and since then he’s helped many of his fellow citizens to do the same at Köcco. “This year everyone will be wearing Sahara-style jackets and joggers or lace-up pants. These trousers are a little wider than what we’re used to, so although we’ll still be just as well-dressed as ever, we’ll be gaining extra comfort. It’s also important that the fabric should be of good quality so that the garment doesn’t lose its shape”, the owner of Köcco tells us before insisting that in any case, “the key is to know how to combine the formal with the informal”.

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Clash Berria (Calle Santa Clara, 5): A passion for Italian glamour

Amaia Rojo, the owner of  Clash Berria, has always chosen Italian fashion to dress her customers. This translates into an extra dash of boldness, especially when it comes to her choice of colours. “When it comes to men’s fashion, there are a few basic colours we can’t leave out, such as navy blue, but I also like to add a lot of colour as well. This spring, for example, we’re seeing mustard, tan, green and electric blue. And as for prints, there’s a bit of everything: checks, stripes, flowers…”, she explains.

Udaberriko moda

Gili Gili (Calle Lotería, 4): Trends for special occasions and everyday wear

“Fashion is totally relative. What you see on the catwalks has to be adapted to the real worldand then to each individual. That’s why we stock really trendy clothes alongside other more classic ones”, says Iratxe De Guinea, a window dresser and visual merchandiser at Gili Gili. For those who are looking for trendy gear, we have some really sophisticated clothes with really fine glitter, while for our more classic clientèle we have lots of denim and bright T-shirts that are great for the summer, such as orange, blue, lavender or magenta”.  

moda primavera. Muak

Muak! (Calle Zamakola, 61): Fashion for women of all ages and sizes

When it comes to style, Ana Millán, the owner of Muak!, and her assistant Feli García really know what their patrons are looking for, even though they have an incredibly diverse clientèle. “We like to provide them all with clothes that are fashionable, because we believe that trends should adapt to a person’s style and not the other way around: no one’s taste or size or age should have to conform to a standard. For example, people are wearing denim this year, but within this trend there are different lines, some of them modern, some of them not so modern”, says Feli, who tells us that we’ll also be seeing a lot of black and white contrasts and different combinations of skirts with blouses or trousers with jackets.

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