Fashion to celebrate summer

This season’s fashion trends

The latest fashion trends in three of the city’s leading shops.

Here at bilbaoDendak we’ve come up with a plan that’ll let you start enjoying them right away. How about a good shopping session to renew your wardrobe and enjoy the city’s new shop windows?

Let’s start with fashion and the explosion of colour that this year’s change of season brings in its wake. Three of Bilbao’s leading shops have told us all about the new season’s trends.

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Lime green, fuchsia pink and royal blue

Located in Plaza del Ensanche, Falstaff is always on the lookout for fashion that’s “fun and different”, so this year, Marisa Morales and her daughter Naia Clemente can’t help feeling over the moon when they see their shelves overflowing with lime greens, fuchsia pinks or royal blues. “There are neutral bases for anyone who’s keen to add a touch of fluorescence to their look but is a little intimidated by all those bright colours, so it’s a trend everyone can enjoy. And everyone can wear it whatever way they want,” they explain.

primavera en Olañeta

Flowers, stripes and asymmetric patterns

Olañeta, on Calle Correo, is focusing on another trend; “prints for all tastes, from classic spring flowers and stripes to more daring ones with asymmetric patterns, whether in tailored suits, blazers or jackets”, owners Susana Alaguero and Xabier Olmo tell us. As far as other garments are concerned, they are also big on cold knitted pleated skirts that feature the odd transparency, or biker or bomber jackets with a leather or suede effect, as well as all kinds of trousers, from chinos to cargo pants. And for men, lots of colour with oranges, yellows and earthy tones very much to the fore,  particularly fun shirts with vibrant prints, and locally designed  accessories such as bags and trainers.

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Denim: For all your clothes – you can even dress entirely in denim

Irantzu Rodríguez, the owner of Le Coccó on Calle Karmelo in Santutxu, brings this list to a close with denim “for all your clothes – you can even dress entirely in denim” and, as for as the rest is concerned, mid-length skirts and especially dresses stand out. “We have some really versatile options. We have casual fashion that you can wear for a walk or at work, but you can add a belt and a pair of sandals to lots of these dresses and wear them to a ceremony. What is important is that we give our customers options so they can get the most out of each garment”, he explains.

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