A healthy life

Taking care of ourselves and living a healthy life is so important! ❤️

That’s something our shopkeepers are well aware of, and that’s why they help us find the best products and just what we need when we need it.

Here’s a healthy route that will help you take care of yourself and pamper yourself inside and out. Sports equipment, exclusive stretching techniques, sustainable fashion or mattresses and beds to help us rest and recover from all that activity. Nothing is more important than our health.

Forum Sport en Bilbao

Forum Sport: Together in Sport

This route kicks off with a visit to Forum Sport, one of the city’s leading sports equipment specialists. It has a wide range of products at very competitive prices and all its shops are divided into different specialist areas. Here they know that every sportsperson has a story to tell about their sporting experiences and every story inspires them to offer their customers products from the best brands at the best price.  

Mugendo Indautxu

Mugendo: Un lugar para eliminar estrés

Mugendo is a martial art that combines kicking techniques, boxing and self-defence. At their school in Indautxu you’ll learn a different way to  gain speed, flexibility, strength and coordination. They teach you a real martial art, in a safe, fun and exciting environment. They believe it’s really important that their customers can have somewhere to relax and unwind. They have two other centres in Bilbao

Medical Albia. Espacio healthy

Albia Medical Centre: Improving health and performance

Medical Albia is a medical centre specialising in physiotherapy, the treatment of injuries, rejuvenation, laser, nutrition and other advanced techniques. Led by Dr. Gonzalo Villadangos Alonso, the team uses the latest methods and treatments. Customers also have access to doctors who are experts in physical activity for health and performance and in methods such as Gyrotonics, Gyrokinesis or Pilates, holistic stretching techniques, hypopressive abdominal exercises and medical equipment controlled by trained staff.


Miluna Flex Mattresses: A good night’s rest

Choosing the right mattress to help us get the good night’s rest we need is extremely important if we want to take care of ourselves and feel good and healthy. Colchonería Miluna has been taking care of us for more than 12 years. With 3 shops in the city, it is one of the best-stocked specialist mattress stores in Bilbao.

6734 moiqut 02


We end our tour with sustainable fashion that takes care of our skin and the environment. The store’s informal and carefree style belies its pursuit of the latest trends from national and international brands. That’s Moiqut in a nutshell. At the helm of this venture is Verónica, who believes that fashion should be an all-encompassing experience that includes art and music. Here you’ll find clothes for men and women who prefer a comfortable and casual look, with brands you won’t find anywhere else in Bilbao. And not only that: 40% of the clothes she sells are recycled and organic. Verónica has two shops in Bilbao.

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