Great shopping districts in Bilbao

Great shopping districts in Bilbao

Special shops, all manner of styles, gastronomy, delicatessens, local produce, arts and crafts…

Discover endless possibilities in the city’s different shopping districts. Shops with soul that are sure to surprise you!


GRAN VÍA / ERCILLA / ELCANO. Major brands with unique shops

Dock. C/ Gran Vía 61.
Some parts of the city’s three main thoroughfares have been turned into pedestrian zones. Here  you can find everything from the most prestigious brands to those oh-so-special, unique shops that we all just love to discover. Shops such as DOCK, on Gran Vía, a leading men’s fashion shop that has been in business for more than 30 years. Its floor space of more than 250 metres features such brands as Moncler, Stone Island or Henry Cotton’s. 
Just round the corner, on Calle Ercilla, although Lencería Egay is a very small shop it is steeped in tradition: almost 60 years of experience and the best quality underwear are its hallmarks. These are just two examples that stand shoulder to shoulder with the major brands we can find on the high streets of any self-respecting European city. One more thing! As you’re strolling around the shops, don’t forget to lift your head up and enjoy the marvellous architecture of Bilbao’s Ensanche district.


Fashion and gastronomy join forces in these three streets that run parallel and perpendicular to the city’s main thoroughfare, the Gran Vía. In this bustling shopping district, fashion lovers and most of all those of us who have an exquisite palate may find that happiness awaits behind the doors of a host of marvellous establishments – those of such prestigious local fashion designers as Mercedes de Miguel or Loreak Mendian, for example, or footwear retailers such as Foxter, where you can try on all the latest trends.

6725 la oka 01
Foxter. C/ Diputación 2.

If you’re also one for indulging in gourmet delicacies, you should be aware that this district is home to lots of food shops that will satisfy even the most exquisite palates. For example, you just have to visit the Lopez Oleaga Delicatessen where they specialise in wines and spirits, or La Oka which has all kinds of different sections: a gourmet grocery, a first-rate butcher’s and cold meats outlet, as well as a gastrobar where you can enjoy an aperitif and sample some of their specialities.

And of course, if you’re dying to try one of Bilbao’s famous pintxos, just a hop, skip and a jump away on Calle Ledesma you’ll find a splendid variety of bars and restaurants.


3424 eurosport 02
Eurosport. C/ Estraunza 2.

These two squares are connected to one another by a wide range of highly specialised shops, such as Eurosport, a spacious reference point not only for skiing, golf, padel, snowboarding, skateboarding but also for the latest urban fashion; or Errekamendi, a dream come true for mountain lovers in search of clothing and footwear. And if after a good day’s shopping you feel you deserve a well-earned rest, this lively area has lots of bars where you can do just that.

By the way, during your tour of this neighbourhood, you can always nip into the nearby Doña Casilda Park, which is home to Bilbao’s Museum of Fine Arts and a few other art galleries.


CORREO / BIDEBARRIETA and their intersections with JARDINES / VÍCTOR / SOMBRERERÍA / LOTERÍA A huge open-air shopping centre

Known as the Siete Calles (the original Seven Streets), the old Casco Viejo quarter of Bilbao is one of the city’s most popular areas. Here you’ll find a veritable warren of no less than 40 streets in which to lose and enjoy yourself – just let it cast its spell on you! Home to the very best in proximity shopping, this is one of the city’s busiest and most visited areas. Its streets boast such local designers as Serie B and their urban, contemporary, functional and sustainable fashion, or SFK, a Basque brand that defines itself as ethical and sustainable and takes its inspiration from our region’s art and nature.

And if time is on your side, we recommend a visit to the Ribera Market, an architectural gem, or the Basque Museum, where you can learn about traditional Basque ways of life, followed by a stroll along the Arenal, next to the Estuary.

Moda urbana, contemporánea y funcional para hombre y mujer
Serie B. C/ Lotería 2.


2 DE MAYO / ARETXAGA / MUELLE MARZANA“Old Bilbao” is a cosmopolitan neighbourhood overlooking the Estuary.

Malaespera bar en Bilbao la vieja
Here you can breathe in the unique, bohemian and cosmopolitan atmosphere of a neighbourhood that simply oozes charm and shops that enhance its unique identity. You’ll always find something different here if you have something avant-garde or transgressive in mind.
Overlooking the estuary and facing the Old Town, its streets are full of shops of young designers, arts and crafts, special bookshops, fashion, footwear and accessories shops, artisan jewellery workshops, art studios… Don’t worry, you’ll have lots of opportunities to find that little something you’re looking for. The area is also renowned for its creative or signature cuisine and its splendid cafés, bars and restaurants, and of course we shouldn’t forget the simple pleasure of enjoying a snack, some delicious pintxos or a beer as you gaze over the Estuary. The views are unbeatable! There’s no doubt about it, Old Bilbao is as modern as it gets!
Taller- Tienda de Joyería Contemporánea - Compras
Ganboa Jewellery. C/ Aretxaga 5.

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